Introduction: Steampunk Polymer Clay Turtle

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Here is a super cute polymer clay steampunk turtle figurine. It's just 9 easy steps and will look super cute on a desk. You could also make it into a key chain. Keep reading to see how to make it.

Step 1: Materials

-Premo clay (black)
-Premo clay (green)
-Premo accents (bright green pearl)
-Translucent liquid sculpey
-Xacto knife
-Color concept eyeshadows
-Mini gear parts (from hobby lobby)
-Sculpey 5 in 1 tools

Step 2: Making the Shell

With the light green make a mound shape then roll out a coil and wrap it around the base of the mound. Then blend the coil to the base. I used the wedge attachment from my sculpey 5 in 1 set.

Step 3: Making the Neck and Head

Roll out a ball of the same light green as the shell. Shape it in to a paisley type shape with it round at the top and thin and flat at the bottom.

Step 4: Adding the Head

Put the thin flat part of the neck and blend it under the shell and I top of the shell.

Step 5: Making and Adding Eyes

Make two balls with the light green clay and blend them onto the side of the head. Then get the black clay and make smaller balls and add them onto the little green balls you just blend into the head.

Step 6: Making Arms and Legs

Roll out your dark green clay at equal thickness, and cut out with an Xacto knife into the shapes seen in the pictures. Make 4.

Step 7: Adding Texture and Details

Make small hexagons on the surface of the shell. I used the wedge attachment again from the sculpey 5 in one set. Then add texture to the flippers. I used the top of an eye pin to make the pattern on all 4. Then I added a mouth using the wedge attachment again on its face.

Step 8: Aging the Turtle

I used a paintbrush to brush on metallic bronze and gold eye shadows to areas of the shell, head, and flippers.

Step 9: Adding Gears and Metals

Finally to make your turtle look super steampunk add any metal pieces. I used these little gears and watch pieces I found at my local hobby lobby. I attached them with translucent liquid sculpey. Then you can bake your figure according to package instructions. I glazed mine to finish it off and make sure nothing fell off.

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