Steel and Bamboo Desk

Introduction: Steel and Bamboo Desk

About: I'm a mechanical engineer who loves create unique things. I work with wood and metal the most of time. Quality is more important than quantity for me.

Here is a simple way to built a solid desk to fit the dimensions you need.

Step 1: Design

First thing is to determine the shape and dimensions of the desk. I use 3D drawing (SolidEdge in this case) to determine the dimensions of all the parts.

Step 2: Prepare the Material

Once the drawing is finish. I cut all the material needed to built the frame. I took 1/8 x 2 x 2 tubbing and angle corner. I also use flat bar to joint the desk tops together.

Step 3: Welding Time!

The most important thing before I start the welding is to clamp the pieces strongly on a straight table. The heat produced by the welding tend to wrap the metal.

Step 4: Finish on Frame

I use a metal brush mounted on a grinder to remove all the black and the oxide.

Step 5: Fixe the Table Tops to the Steel Frame

To keep it simple, I buy the bamboo table top that are almost the size that I needed. It is 1,5 x 26 x 72. I just have to cut the length. You must drill holes before apply the screws because bamboo is a very hard material.

Step 6: Finish of the Table Top

To finish the top, I use natural oil.

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    7 years ago

    I'm from Quebec, Canada and it comes from Rona. It cost 125$ for one piece.


    7 years ago

    Yes it is all MIG.


    7 years ago

    very nice looking welds, did you use MIG?