Introduction: Steel & Pallet Wood Coffee Table

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This is my very first time working with metal and I'd never welded before this project. I cant give any instruction on that aspect of the build but I hope you can still get some inspiration from this build and I hope you like it.

I'd really appreciate you watching the video of me making it, you can watch it here:

Materials Used:

  • 25mm x 25mm Box Steel Section
  • Pallet Wood
  • Welding rods
  • Grey Matt Spray Primer
  • Black Matt Spray Paint
  • Wood Glue
  • Screws
  • Wood Stain
  • Danish Oil

Tools Used:

Step 1: Cut Steel

I used my Evolution Power Tools Mitre Saw to cut the 25mm x 25mm box steel. Please note that not all mitre saws can cut steel.

The table is made up of 2 legs that consist of 3 piece that join at 45 degree angles. This is to hide the opening of the box steel.

The top is a rectangle made from 4 pieces of steel also joined at 45 degrees.

The measurements I used where:


2 long pieces at 1025mm

2 short pieces at 600mm


4 Short Vertical pieces at 375mm

2 Cross pieces at 600mm

You can of course use any dimensions you like.

Step 2: Weld the Joints Together

Like I said at the start, this was my first time welding so I dont feel comfortable giving instructions on this step.

I just used an arc welder and welding rods to join all the pieces I cut earlier.

Please see the images to make this clearer

To clean up the welds I used a flap disc on my angle grinder. This smoothed out the area in no time.

Step 3: Brackets to Fix the Top to the Base

During the build I was wondering the best way to connect the top to the base.

I had the idea of cutting some triangle sections of box steel and welding them to the steel base. Using the triangle shape give me easy access to one layer of steel. I can drill a hole trough them and use a screw to attach the top later.

Step 4: Paint the Base

I wanted the steel base to be a sleek and clean matt black.

I used 1 coat of matt grey spray primer and 1 coat of matt black spray paint to achieve the look I wanted.

Step 5: Make the Top

For the table top I had a really nice looking rustic pallet. Unfortunately I wasnt happy with the thickness of the boards though. They just looked too thin for the style of the steel base. So I used another pallet that had thicker boards. These boards where a lot cleaner but I can stain them later.

I glued up 5 of the boards to create a large panel. When it was dry I put it on the steel base and measured the over hang that needed to be cut off. I had an over hang of 28mm

So at the table saw I cut off 14mm from each side of the panel. This made it flush with the sides of the base.

I then drilled 6mm holes through the brackets I made earlier and used 40mm screws to secure the wooden top to the steel base. The brackets worked really well.

To give the top an old rustic look I used some watered down rose wood stain. This again is just personal preference. To finish and protect the wood I added a couple of coats of Danish oil.

I'm really pleased with how this project turned out for my first time welding and working with metal. I hope you liked it. Sorry that I didnt go into much detail about the build but I hope you can get some inspiration from it.

Step 6: Done!