Sterilizing Dental Instruments

Introduction: Sterilizing Dental Instruments

Begin by properly dressing in the appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment). This includes a mask, eye wear, appropriate clothing, and gloves.

Step 1: Disposables

Next take the instruments to the dirty section of the sterilization center and begin by throwing all disposables away before rinsing the instruments off.

Step 2: Place Instruments in Cassette

Place instruments in a cassette to keep certain instruments together.

Step 3: Rinse the Instruments

Rinse the instruments in the sink before placing them in the ultrasonic.

Step 4: The Ultrasonic

Place the instruments in the ultrasonic cleaner for 5-7 minutes, to rid them from any debris.

Step 5: Dry Instruments With a Towel

After the instruments are done in the ultrasonic, rinse them off in the sink before drying them off with a towel. Instruments should not be packaged or even unpackaged and put into the sterilizer, while they are still damp.

Step 6: Placing the Instruments in the Sterilizer Cassette

The final step of the process is packaging the instruments into sterilization packages or keeping them unwrapped. After the instruments are placed in the bag or cassette for sterilization, properly place the instruments. Make sure to date the packages if the instruments are being packaged.

Step 7: Starting the Sterilizer

Place the instruments into the sterilizer for the proper sterilization time the machine calls for and also set the machine to the certain setting being used. This includes being packaged or unpackaged.

Step 8: Sterilization Video

Here is a video of the steps all put together

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