Introduction: Sticker Collection Binder

I like collecting stickers and pasting them onto my laptop. However, my recent dilemma with this is that I ran out of space on my laptop to show off my stickers. I then decided to do research online on how to display my stickers and couldn't find a method that would work for me. The sticker albums were mainly targeted for children and giant frames on my wall with stickers would mean they would have to be mounted and I like taking my stickers with me to show friends and family my newest stickers. It's weird but I like doing this whenever I have spare time. Now that I'm done with my lengthy intro, let me show you how I made my collection binder.

Step 1: Materials Used in This Project

  1. A 1 inch binder
  2. Sheet protectors
  3. Construction paper (I would've preferred card stock but couldn't find any)
  4. Adhesive labels
  5. Masking tape
  6. Your stickers
  7. (Not pictured) scissors, pen, (or sharpie) and pencil.

Step 2: Assembling Your Binder

This is the easiest step, just put your protective sheets in your binder like normal and make sure that the open side is upward and not down because you don't want your sticker paged falling out. (I made that mistake...along with several other mistakes)

Step 3: Inserting Pages Into Protective Sheets

OK so at the store, I failed to realize that my paper was going to be bigger than the protectors, so that means that I had to trim EVERY sheet down so it could fit. To do this, I rolled the paper up into a roll and slid it into the protective sheet. I then let it unroll and creased the edge that curved up. I creased it enough so that when I tore the edge, it would tear into two. Now this perfectly fitted will be used as a guide for the rest of the papers that i need to trim. I really hope this made sense, and that the pictures help.

Step 4: Applying Sticker and Label

This should've been done after i trimmed all of the papers to size, but I was too excited to unpeel that sticker that I went ahead and did this first. I peeled my sticker and positioned it in the top left corner so that when I add more, they go left to right and down like a book. Then using my gel pen (or sharpie if you have one) I wrote the company of the sticker, where I got it from and when. Feel free to organize your stickers however you want and to caption them whatever suits you. Some people prefer color organization, I prefer them to be in chronological order. On to the next, time consuming step.

Step 5: Trimming ALL of My Papers **not Necessary If Your Papers Already Fit

Once I had my papers arranged in the order i wanted them in, (rainbow order) i proceeded to use the masking tape and tape the edges together of all the papers, creating an even stack. Then i traced the outline of my first paper using a pencil. I took the guide paper off and using my scissors, I cut slightly outside of the traced line to make sure i had room for error when inserting them into my sheets.

Step 6: Inserting All of Your Pages

Once you're done with the pasintaking process of trimming, insert the papers into the sheets by rolling them like I did or simply pushing them in. Once youre done with this, it's time to create your binder cover art.

Step 7: Cover Art

To make my cover art, I went on Word and typed my title, name and date that I created this binder. After that, I searched up "collection" on Google images, took a picture that I liked and inserted it into my document. I even added a nice little border that didn't fully fit on my sheet but it still managed to look fine. For the back side of my binder, I found a quote that I've always liked and printed it as well. These were printed on the light brown construction paper that came with the ones I used in the protective sheets.

Step 8: Done

All of my materials (not including the sticker) was exactly $11.15 at my local neighborhood Wal-Mart. This is something that I had never done before but I spent about 4 hours researching how I display my stickers and I figured that this was a pretty neat idea and that I wanted to share it with someone. Thank you for reading!