Introduction: Stoplight

I have a few neighborhood kids that wanted me to make them a stop light. I built it about 3 months ago. This is also my first instructable.

Step 1: Cut the Wood

I don't have any pictures of me cutting wood, because I just bought some Utility wood. And drill your holes. Have some extra holes if you want to add something.

Step 2: Do the Electrical

This is a very bad schmatic, I know. There are also spelling mistakes, I know.

Begin Wiring...
Grab a plug with no ground.
Wire it the hot to the switch
Run a hot line from the top to the (Red) top light (standard ceramic base w/ wire mounts or the front)
Run a hot line from the bottom to the (Green) bottom light (same as the top lamp base)
I used a Radio Shack Jumper Terminal (I think that is what it is called) I wired it with some scrap wire, so this is not needed unless you do. Just use a wire nut to combine the 3 white wires.

I didn't have the accessory light built yet when I created this. I added the accessory light 3-4 weeks ago.

Step 3: Finish Up

Finish up and try it out.
And yes, I know the video is bad.

If you are ready to take the will need...

1-3 position (120VAC) switch
2-Ceramic lamp bases with connections on the outside
1-Plug with no ground
1-Red Halogen 100w light
1-Green halogen 100w light
20ft-scrap wire (lamp replacement cord)
Utility wood

Tools you will need:
saw (optional)
wire stripper
electrical tape
few-1-3 wire nuts
wire cutters
some screws

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