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In this instructable I will be showing you how i made a storage device for anywhere in the house. This is an improvement to the last two storage devices I have made as it can house a larger range of objects. This instructable is specific to what i did but you can easily adapt it to the things you have if you plan to replicate it. Enjoy!

Step 1:

First I gathered my materials. We recently got a long black box and I thought this would be perfect. I also gathered the things i wanted in my storage device.

Step 2:

Next i cut a hole in the middle of the box lid. It was quite ideal becasue there was a circular logo on the box so i just cut around that. I also coloured the edges of the hole black with a marker pen to make the cut look cleaner.

Step 3:

I also cut a hole in the bottom of the box like the picture above so that wires will be able to come out of the box later. The larger part of the hole is for any plugs that might have to fit through.

Step 4:

I then took the circle I cut out from the middle of the box and cut a circle in the middle of it to make a ring.

Step 5:

I put the small lamp in the middle of the box where the hole was and put the ring around it like in the second photo to hide some of the gray of the lamp base. Make sure that the ring is big enough to not touch the bulb as this could be a fire hazard.

Step 6:

I then cut a piece of cardboard the same width as the box and made a hole in it. This hole is for the phone charger. I also put a piece of black paper on top of the the hole area and then made an opening for the charging cable. This will make the charging port look more seamless.

Step 7:

I attached this to the main box like the photo above.

Step 8:

I then took the lid of the box and cut a hole like the one above. This hole has to be above the area where the charging cable comes through. it needs to look like the second photo when the lid is placed on the box.

Step 9:

Now to make this part look more seamless. I took a piece of paper and made it the right size so it could fit into the charging port area like the photo above. Then i cut it to size so it looked like the third photo above.

Step 10:

I used some black marker to make it look cleaner and remove the white areas.

Step 11:

I then made the wireless earbuds area. I did this by cutting a rectangle in the lid just below the charging port that they could fit in. I then sanded this rectangle a little bit and put the lid on the box. I put some more black paper on the piece of cardboard below to hide the brown and touched the edges up with a black marker.

Step 12:

This is the completed charging port area. I put the charging cable through the holes we made before and my phone seemed to balance upwright when it was plugged in. If your phone dosen't do this you will have to make a stand on the back so your phone stands upwright like mine in the photo.

Step 13:

Now for the other side of the lid. I cut a large rectanguar hole out of it and touched it up with a marker like the holes before.

Step 14:

I then threaded all of the wires through the hole i made in step 3.

Step 15:

Then i put the lid on.The craft is done! The large hole on the left side can be used for multiple things e.g. books, tissues etc.

Step 16:

Thanks for reading this instuctable. I hope you enjoyed it!

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