Strawberry Plushie

Introduction: Strawberry Plushie

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Jealous of your friend’s aesthetic room decor? Well not for long! I kept seeing these cute pillow designs all over and decided to finally take a crack at it, and as it turns out, it's super fun and easy to do! For this instructable I created a fairly small pillow, however the method works for any size you’d like to make it, for this reason, I don’t have exact measurements for some parts of this project.


2 different colored sets of fabric, since you can make the pillow any size the amounts of fabric may differ, however I’d recommend at least half a yard

Sewing Needle

Fabric Scissors

Fabric Marker

Step 1: Cut Outs

Using one of the fabrics you have picked, cut out two isosceles triangles I did around 10 in on the sides and around 14in at the top, this doesn’t have to be exact.

Step 2: Finish Cutouts

Round the corners of your triangles and then cut out two leaf patterns with four corners and cut one in half, then cut out two rounded rectangular pieces for the stem, measurements may vary depending on what size you’d like.

Step 3: The Stem

Sew one stem to the one of the leaf halves, then sew the other stem to the first, keep in mind that this will be flipped inside out when you’re done. I used a blanket stitch for every part of this project, however you can use any stitch you feel comfortable with.

Step 4: Leafs and Attaching Stem

Sew stitch the other half of the leafs to the stem and first half of the leafs the sew to the second leaf cut out, again keep in mind this will all be flipped inside out, so the part with the fabric marker should be on the outside and your stitches should be visible.

Step 5: Finishing the Leafs

Once you’ve nearly finished stitching the two leaf patterns, leave a small hole open, knot off your stitch and flip everything inside out. Then fill everything with fiber fill, then sew up hole.

Step 6: The Body of the Strawberry

Once you finish the leaves, it's time to move on to the strawberry itself, take the two rounded triangles and start sewing them together and leave the top part (longest part) open. (again keeping in mind this will be flipped inside out)

Step 7: Closing Things Up

When you finish sewing the triangles together, flip inside out then fill with fiberfill. Now scrunch up loose fabric left at the tip and begin sewing together (I started by connecting corners). This top area doesn’t really need to be clean as it will be covered.

Step 8: Final Touches

Now sew the leaves onto the top of the strawberry, I started with the middle then sewed down all four corners. Then you're done! Big or small, I hope you enjoy your new strawberry pillow!

About the Creator:

Hi! I’m Ali and I work at EXLAB as a student assistant! I like making things out of interesting and easy to access materials. I think making things should be easy and fun, and believe anyone can make cool things if they put their minds to it! I hope my instructables inspire some awesome makes!

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