Introduction: Stretch Vinyl Bodysuit

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Learn how to make a bodysuit using 4-way stretch vinyl. Great for cosplay, Laura Croft, dance wear, swimsuits, and even casual fashions.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Step 2: Cut Out Pattern

Layout your pattern pieces on your fabric so you know the appropriate spacing for cutting them out. Next, cut out the pattern sections from your fabric.

Step 3: Make the Piping

Measure, the sides of the front bodice for the (white) piping. Make the piping 1 5/8 wide (folded). The white piping should be folded right sides of fabric together and stitched together.

Step 4: Pin Piping to Sides and Front

Pin the piping to the sides and front bodice. Stitch the sides to the front with the piping in-between.

Step 5: Attach Collar / Sew Shoulder

Pin the front and rear collar and then sew to the front and rear bodice.

Sew the shoulder seams next - starting at the collar and working your way down.

Step 6: Mark / Cut Rear for the Zipper

Mark with your tailors chalk on the back of the bodysuit, the length and width of your zipper. Cut down the middle of your marking.

Step 7: Stitch Zipper

Fold back the fabric by 1/8 an inch on each side and baste your zipper into place.

Using a zipper foot, stitch the zipper into place.

Remove basting stitches.

Step 8: Stitch Crotch

Serge the crotch seam for a professional finish or zigzag stitch over the unfinished edges and you're finished!

This style bodysuit is great for Cosplay, dance, swimwear, and even casual fashions. Enjoy!