Introduction: Striped Wood Cutting Board

A Beautiful Wood Cutting Board made with Multiple woods


Materials You Need:
Hardwood ( I used maple, mahogany, zebrano, and walnut. Also make sure your wood is cutting board safe)

Wood Glue

Cutting board oil

Tools You Need:

Table Saw

Chop Saw



Router Round Over Bit

Planer or a Router with a flat bit

Sander and Sandpaper


Weighted Bucket

Step 1: Gather Materials

Step 2: Cut All Wood to Length and Fix Edges

My cutting board is 10 x 18 so I cut each piece of wood to 18 inches with a chop saw. I also used a table saw to cut off the very edge on each side to make sure we have a finished edge.

Step 3: Cut Random Strips of Your Wood

Cut random (or planned) strips of your wood with the grain and arrange in a pattern you like. For this I used a table saw. Make sure it adds up to a width you like.

Step 4: Glue

Glue pattern together with wood glue and clamp. I started by gluing two strips together then gluing the pairs together (I glued it all together at the same time). I also put a weighted bucket on it to keep it flat and waited 24 hours.

Step 5: Flatten Your Board

Use a planer or a router with a flat bit to flatten the board.

If you use a router go over with a sander after to clean up the extra lines.

Step 6: Add a Curve

Trace a curve at each end and cut it with a bandsaw.

Step 7: Sand

Sand edges to fix any imperfections made with bandsaw (if necessary).

Step 8: Round Edges

Use the router to round over edges on both sides or as desired.

Step 9: Sand Again

Hand sand (with the grain) to make sure no extra glue or anything else is showing.

Step 10: Add Cutting Board Oil

Clean the cutting board as much as possible and make sure it is completely dry, then apply the cutting board oil in an even layer over the wood using a clean, soft cloth or paper towel.

Step 11: Let Sit Overnight

Leave the oil to soak in, overnight if possible, or for at least a few hours.

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