Introduction: Studded Plastic Bracelets

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Make studded plastic bracelets from rivets, washers and an empty water bottle!
You will also need scissors, a riveting tool, an awl and a glue gun.

Thanks to Leslie Leong and her workshop on re-using materials for inspiration.

Step 1: Cut Plastic Strip

Cut plastic strip from water bottle or other plastic bottle.
I cut a strip about 1" wide and 10" long, and rounded the corners of the strip to avoid sharp points.

Step 2: Apply Rivets

  1. Mark where you would like the studs to be on your plastic strip.
  2. Make a small hole with an awl on these marked spots. I marked 4 spots equally spaced around the bracelet for studs and a 5th spot for the buttonhole.
  3. Use a riveting tool to apply the rivets. Push the thick end of the rivet through the hole you have made in the plastic with the awl. If adding a washer, place washer on top of the thick end of the rivet - this will feel a bit awkward as you have to balance the washer on top while squeezing the riveting tool. Photos 3 and 4 above show the washer balancing on top of the rivet before riveting.
  4. Insert the long thin end of the rivet in the riveting tool and squeeze hard to attach the rivet, which also secures the washer. This tool also cuts off the long end of the rivet.

Step 3: Create Buttonhole With a Glue Gun

Punch a hole with an awl or drill bit through the plastic bracelet, where you want the buttonhole.

Expand the hole with a glue gun (just use the heat to melt the plastic and push the opening into an oval shape - no glue needed!) until it is the right size to fit over the stud and washer. You now have a buttonhole!

Put your bracelet on, close the button, and enjoy!

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