Stuffed T Bone Plush

Introduction: Stuffed T Bone Plush

I made this T bone steak plush for a friend as a gift for their baby. I personally like meat stuff so I thought it would be fun to make something with a twist on the normal red and white colors. Plus it was a good use of fabric remnants left afters making leg warmers. All of the seams are soft and safe for a baby. It is also machine washable.

Step 1: Draw a Pattern

I just free handed the pattern on a piece of paper for the steak body and the bone. The orange line is for the seam allowances. For the sides of the steak I cut a strip of white polar fleece making sure it would be long enough to wrap around the whole steak with and have some extra length for hand sewing the pillow shut. Also remember to add some width on for the seam allowance.

Step 2: Assembling and Sewing

I started by pinning the bone to the meat. In order to have a nice edge on the bone I folded the small amount of seam allowance under and made sure to catch the fold in while sewing the bone onto the meat. Once both bones are applied pin the white fabric for the sides to the right side of the main body and sew. Repeat for other side. Make sure to leave an opening so the fabric can be pulled through to get right sides facing out and so it can be filled with stuffing easily. Once filled to desired fullness hand sew the side seam shut. And now you have a new stuffed steak plushy.

Step 3:

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