Introduction: Stylish InstaMorph Necklaces

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These necklaces are created from plastic pellets yet sparkle and shine like silver!

Step 1: Materials

The white pendants in the second picture are what I had made with the InstaMorph, so to clarify, you don't need any pendants to start out with.

You will need for the first part:

- InstaMorph or another thermoplastic like polymorph

- Water thermometer

- Tongs and scissors

(Not shown) - skewer or toothpick and a small pan for holding water

For the second part:

- Your hardened pendants from the first part

- Metal clasps with attachments

- Metal chain

(Not shown) - Paint or nail polish in metallic colors with top coat

- Metal jump rings - Small crystals (real or not) - Crystal glue -Pliers/cutters

(Sorry for the lack of materials on camera, I made most of this project up as I went along and didn't plan to use all this)

Step 2: Melt Plastic

For InstaMorph plastic, it is advised that you heat up your water to only 150 degrees so you don't burn yourself when handling it.

Instamorph is white at first but turns clear when it is pliable. Leave the plastic in the water for about two minutes before forming it together and taking it out of the water with your tongs, once out of the water you can smooth it out further.

Step 3: Form Pendants

*you can also make beads with the insta morph or a more complex design other than a pendant*

The plastic works much like clay so it is pretty self explanatory, however here are the instructions for my arrow pendant:

1. Create three strips of plastic, do this by cutting strips from the plastic blob and flattening them out. (When the plastic starts to turn white that means it's hardening again and is not easy to work with. When this happens just put it back in the water until it turns clear and pliable).

2. Form the largest arrow by taking the thickest strip of plastic and pushing the middle forward with a skewer. Do this with the second arrow as well, but with a thinner piece. Shape them to desired length

3. Lay the last strip over the two arrows to keep them together.

Step 4: Make Loops for Connecting Rings

To make the loops at the ends of the arrow pendant just thin out/cut the extra plastic from the top until it is thin enough to wrap once around the skewer or toothpick. Then connect the ends back into the top and heat it again in the water to bond it.

The teardrop pendant was made the same way but with a more organic shape. I made the loop at the top with extra plastic that was not already attached to the existing plastic. This was a bad idea because adding on extra plastic makes a weaker bond and this loop broke off later when I attached a ring. To fix the problem I re-heated the top of he shape and punched in a hole with the skewer, which held up much better. It might have been better if I had done that with the arrow as well since the loops are so thin but it is up to you to decide which works best.

Step 5: Paint Pendants and Add Rings

Paint both sides with your nail polish or paint. I recommend a color that matches your chain (you can see I tried a holographic purple but it didn't seem to work well so I changed it to silver) A top coat is a must to protect from chips and add shine.

(Optional) paint on or apply glitter. I only did this to my teardrop pendant because more of it would be bare without crystals whereas the arrow is mostly covered.

Step 6: Connect Chain and Add Clasps

Run the chain through the jump ring(s) you added earlier. You can see on my arrow pendant, I had a choice weather to run the chain through both rings at once (picture) or to attach them separately. I decided on attaching them separately to each ring by cutting the chain and crimping each side on the jump rings instead (see pictures in last step) but it is up to you to decide which look you would prefer making.

Now for the part that attaches behind the neck:
Depending on the size of your chain links and clasps, you may need to add another jump ring on each side to connect. Wether you are using a jump ring or just chain, open the link with your pliers/cutters and add whatever type of fastener and clasp you have chosen. Remember to close the link tightly so the chain won't slip off if pulled on.

Step 7: Bling It Out!

First option:

Use loose crystals to design your necklace. I recommend laying out the crystals in different patterns until you find the one you like the most. When you settle on a design, use the glue to set them. If your design is complicated, it is a good idea to take a picture of the layout you made and follow that picture when you glue on the crystals so that you can replicate it.

I used two sizes of clear plastic crystals and three small Swarovski crystals for my final look but tried many other combinations beforehand.

Step 8: Bling It Out! Option 2

Some crystals come in a sheet with a colored backing rather than loose. I used these type of crystals for my arrow necklace.

The backing on my crystal sheet would not stick onto the crystals while being cut to fit, so I came up with a solution. I cut strips of the backing itself (which had a self sticking layer on the back) and applied it around my pendant. I then glued the crystals individually around the shape. As well as make the crystals reflect, this backing gave them an even surface for them to stay.

Before the crystals, the backing looks quite messy, so if you use a crystal sheet that is stronger, you will not need to fuss with applying them separately.

Step 9: Finish!

There is so much room for your own creativity in this project, you can make practically any shape with the Meltable plastic, paint it any way you want, and decorate it with anything small enough to fit!

All that's left to do now is let them dry and then wear or gift!

Here are some gift ideas in ways you could make the pendant:

- The initial of someone's name or complete first name

- Spiral shape made from wrapping plastic around a pencil

- Symbol for someone's star sign or religious symbol

- Plastic holder for a small stone or arrowhead

Thank you for looking at my instructable, please comment if you have any questions!

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