Introduction: Styrofoam Chess Game CNC Hot Wire Cutted

This beautiful chess set is hot wire cuted in styrofoam by the method of cutting in two views (front + profile). The board is also CNC hot wire cuted in styrofoam with my MiniCut2d machine. My wife had the idea and I made it (team project!).

Step 1: Cut the Pieces

I cut all the pieces with CNC hot wire machine in 40mm styrofoam (polystyren insulation material).

The DXF file with all the views of the pieces is available here.

You must cut first the side view and then the front view (with a 90° rotation between the two cuts). The second cut must be 0.2mm-0.3mm lower than the first.

Tips: Styrodur has sometimes different heating values depending on the orientation of the material. With my grey styro K-foam 40mm, I have a heater at 63% in one direction and 61% in the other direction. Attention to put a little weight (object, lead) to maintain the material during cutting.

Step 2: Cut the Squares

This dxf file allows to cut 16 identical squares.

But with seriel cutting, we can cut 64 pieces in one cut. We should not ofset the wire before cutting so that all the squares are identical. I cut at the same time two styrodur gray 40mm plates and two yellow styrodur 30mm plates to obtain 64 squares in two different colors.
I then re-cut all the squares at the same height making horizontal manual movement.

Step 3: Paint All

Paint : acrylic wall paint (do not forget the sides of the black squares of the round)

Step 4: Glue the Squares

Glue : Pattex "100%".
I kept the board in 4 parts for easy transport. I probably will stick magnets to hold them together.

Let's play chess!