Sugar Cookie Fluff Treats

Introduction: Sugar Cookie Fluff Treats

These are treats to satisfy that craving for sugar! These are sugar cookies with fluff, chocolate chips and sprinkles! The prep and baking are easy, fast and little to no mess! Also, on the last step there are links to really great recipes for both sugar cookies and fluff, (websites not created by me). Hope you enjoy these sweet treats!

Step 1: Ingredients and Materials


Fluff (Buy or look at last step for a homemade recipe)

Sugar Cookies (Buy or look at last step for a homemade recipe)

Chocolate Chips (4 for each treat)

A light sprinkle of Cake Mate Nonpareils Décors sprinkles for each treat



One knife

Step 2: Fluff and Sugar Cookies

Buy or make these. To make from a recipe look at the last step for sites.

Step 3: Spreading the Fluff

Take your knife and spread the fluff on the backs (Flat side) of the cookies. Make sure to cover the whole back and spread the thickness desired.

Step 4: Adding the Sprinkles

To add the sprinkles, sprinkle a pinch evenly on the fluff. I used Cake Mate Nonpareils Décors sprinkles for my dessert.

Step 5: Adding the Chocolate Chips

Place the chocolate chips evenly in fours on the cookies so it looks like a domino would with four dots. I used semi-sweet chocolate chips, but milk chocolate chips would be good too!

Step 6: Links

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