Introduction: Sugar Free 5-Minute Chocolate Truffles

Do you know which part of the year is best? Christmas :-) and what is the best sugar free treat? Mine delicious christmas chocolate balls. These truffles are hand-made, no bake and gluten free treat from heaven. Absence of sugar makes them also very healthy.

So what is secret behind my very favorite chocolate truffles recipe? 1) Get best cacao powder you can get, it will make recipe much more delicious 2) Pick top grade dried dates 3) Get fresh cinnamon 4) And it is time to make chocolate truffles

Step 1: Check Video :-)


  • 200g/7oz dried dates
  • 3-4 tbsp top grade cacao powder
  • Cinnamon


  1. Cut dates into small pieces
  2. You can also mix them but remove all nuts from dates
  3. In bowl mix chopped dates and cacao powder
  4. Mix well by hands until you make nice smooth huge christmas chocolate truffle :-)
  5. Divide into halves 3 times (make 8 pieces)
  6. Roll out spheres
  7. Cover them in cinnamon

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