Introduction: Sugar Paste Decorated Cake

Easter Simnel cake decorated with sugar paste lilies and lace effect border.

Step 1: Make Fruit Simnel Cake

I use a recipe from the BeRo booklet that I have had for ages. It is almost fool proof.

Step 2: Cover Cake

Use some apricot jam mixed with a little water and melted in the microwave. Using a brush cover the cake with the jam mixture.

Roll out marzipan and cover the cake.

Use a brush and some cooled boiled water to put on the marzipan.

Roll out fondant icing (I used white) and cover the cake again.

Smooth out with your hand or plastic smoothing board.

Step 3: Decorations

Using Flower Paste Icing - this allows you to get the thinness of the petals.

Cut petals individually, press with a vein marker, or gently mark the veins (you can leave them as is if prefered)

Gently place on a curved surface - I use a kitchen towel tube covered with foil. This makes their shape. Leave to dry - over night normally.

Assemble with 5 petals to each lily using more icing paste and some bought plastic stamens for the centre. Put aside.

Use a cutter to make the lace effect with icing paste. Shape into a curve as you did with the petals. Once dry, paint with icing colour paste mixed with alchol. Leave to dry.

Assemble the decorations of lilies and lace effect by securing them with royal icing.

NB Take care with your decorations as they are fragile and able to break very easily. I make more than needed incase of mishap.

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