Sugru Car Battery Terminal Protectors



Introduction: Sugru Car Battery Terminal Protectors

Battery terminal protectors insure your battery and cables are protected from accidental shorts. This can help protect any kind of vehicle including Cars, Trucks, SUV's, Boats, Motorcycles, ATVs, Scooters, Generators, Snowmobiles, making sure the electronics and electrical system (starter, alternator, etc.) are protected from shorting related damage.

With a few minutes and less than a hand full of steps you can make really great, flexible terminal protectors using Sugru.

Supplies needed:

Battery post brush or a small wire brush
Vice grips
Tape (Masking or painter)
Baking soda & Water
Lint-free cloth
Petroleum jelly or grease

Special thanks to John Hart and AssentWorks!

Step 1: Prepare Battery Terminals

Remove the battery cables from the battery terminals by loosening the nut on each cable clamp.
Once they are loose, always remove the cable clamp from the negative terminal first. 

Make sure the loose cables can't flop back onto the terminals accidentally. Securely move out of the way and make sure not to knock them around.

Pour baking soda directly on the posts

Use a toothbrush and some water to scrub the baking soda into the terminal posts and clamps

Then clean and polish the insides of the cable clamps using the same methods

Dry everything off with a cloth

Apply grease or jelly on the posts to slow the formation of corrosive deposits
Make sure to cover all exposed metal surfaces on the battery posts, battery cables, and clamps

Replace the clamps on the battery, making sure the positive clamp goes on first and then replace the negative clamp

We're now ready to apply our Sugru!

Step 2: Apply Sugru to Terminals

With the battery terminals cleaned, apply some Sugru around the terminals first, ensuring that you will be able to still reach the nuts to secure and remove the battery terminals.

Keep in mind, that the grease will allow the terminal caps to pop off once cured.

For additional safety, you can apply Sugru down the entire wire, protecting all exposed areas of the wire and terminal. 

Make sure that there is no grease or jelly on the wire before applying the Sugru. This way the Sugru will stay attached to the cable, but will have a flexible cap that goes over the terminal itself. Ensuring easy cleaning and service of the battery terminals.

Step 3: Finishing Steps

Once the Sugru cures, gently lift the Sugru off the terminal caps and apply some additional grease or jelly to the terminals. 

Also, cut off any excess that you do not need or may get in the way as well as inspect for crevasses in the newly moulded caps that may invite dirty or water. Patch them with some additional Sugru and reinspect.

That is it! A few quick steps to great battery protection.

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