Sugru Devil Bottle

Introduction: Sugru Devil Bottle

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The devil bottle is form combined with function ie you can also hang the and pick the bottle up and look 'yo' while doing it.

Makers Asylum hosted this awesome event The Sugru Build Night where 10 of us threw ideas around and wrote them out on post its . We then seleWith sugru I wanted to build something useful but also at the same time something eye-catching and cool. Thats when this crazy idea to put devil horns popped up in my head. Since sugru sticks on most objects and easily shapable its the perfect candidate for putting devil horns on anything and everything.

Here are the basic ingredients for this : bottle, the ring of a key chain and sugru!!!

Lets get started!!!

Step 1: Shaping the Horns

Keep a small portion of the red sugru aside for later use. Shape the red sugru into nice pointy cones and keep them aside, dont bend them yet!!!

Step 2: Making the Ring

Next take ring off the keychain and enclose it in sugru of a different color preferably black because from afar the black is not as noticeable as the bright red horns.

Step 3: Attaching the Ring

Now take the black ring and insert it into one of the horns making sure that the ring goes inside the horn for strength and close it back up with the left over red sugru.

Step 4: Final Step

Now select the two sweet spots where the horns will be on the bottle lid and transform the bottle into a devil by sticking them and spreading them out on the base. Now bend the horns to your preference. You can also give them a twist.

You have access to a 3d printer? Awesome!!!!

Print one of those chameleon eye toys and stick them onto the bottle with sugru.

Link :

Now the devil can even see you!!!!

Cure for 24 hrs and your Devil bottle is ready.

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