Sugru - Scoop (there It Is)! Rice Maker Scoop Holster

Introduction: Sugru - Scoop (there It Is)! Rice Maker Scoop Holster

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I purchased a new rice maker for $7.00 (great deal!) and when I took it out of the box it did not have a holster for the scoop unlike the last one I had. I was a bit disappointed. :( I was not going to make a trip back to the store and return it over a silly holster.

So, out comes the Sugru!

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Step 1: Scuff and Score

Because the plastic is so smooth be sure to scuff and score the plastic where the Sugru will be making contact with the plastic. I scraped the plastic with a small screwdriver going up and down then side to side.

Be sure to clean the surface of all dust and any kitchen dirt like grease before applying the Sugru.

Step 2: Prepare the Sugru

Remove the Sugru from the package and roll it up to the required length. I rolled it to about 2 1/2 to 3 inches.

Step 3: Bend and Stick the Sugru

Bend the Sugru to form a U shape and stick it on the side of the rice maker making sure the two ends are touching the spots where you made the score marks and press it firmly in place.

Step 4: Test Fit and Adjust

Test fit the scoop in the new holster and adjust the size and shape as necessary. The Sugru will droop in this step but we will fix that in the next step.

Step 5: Prop the Holster Up and Let Cure

To prevent droopage I used a few a few breadboards and a box of Lumi Inkodye to prop it up. 
(Inkodye is really cool stuff! - Instructable to come soon)

Step 6: Voila, a Rice Cooker Scoop Holster Made With Sugru! Woo, Woo!

I like to wait 24 hours before using an item modified with Sugru to be sure I don't waste this awesome product. 

The future did need fixing!  :)

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