Sugru Sandal Fix



Introduction: Sugru Sandal Fix

Hi! i love my sandal! however i feel a little pain between my fingers; i decided to try Sugru to say good bye to the pain and enjoying by my sandals ;) during the Sugru Build Night some weeks ago at Sahara Labs. I would like to thank Sugru and the Instructables team for their support.

Step 1: Open and Add to Your Sandal

Push the sugru all over the part of sandal that between fingers  then gently rub it to get a good surface finish.

Remember, if your fingers get sticky, just give them a quick wipe with dry tissue paper.

To get a great smooth and shiny surface finish, gently rub the sugru with your finger.

Leave to cure overnight.

TIP: Use soapy water when rubbing to get a super smooth finish!

Step 2: Customise!

We love the white but maybe you could try stripy, marbled, mixed or even mount things into the sugru, its up to you!

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