Introduction: Summer Fun Accessory DIY

Take 5 minutes to make an accessory to match your summer outfit.


  • Fabric of desired texture and color
  • Thread to match the fabric
  • Sewing machine (needle and thread if doing by hand)
  • Iron and ironing board

Step 1:

Measure and cut fabric.

Step 2: Fold and Iron

Fold fabric (wrong side out) on the long side and iron.

Step 3: Stitch

Start at the one end and stitch to the other side leaving bout one inch.

Step 4: Turn Inside Out and Finish Stitch

Using the one inch left open on one side, turn the fabric inside out.

Fold in the edges of the open side and stitch.

Step 5: Iron Final Product

Lay flat and iron.

Step 6: Accessorize!

You can wear this accessory to suit your style.

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