Introduction: Summer Maker Passport Program 2017

The MakerSpace Passport program in 2017 consisted of 7 projects. This year we had over 1,400 kids come in and complete projects! We'll list the projects from 2017 here.

Step 1: Scratch

Scratch is a free educational programming language. We used some activities from DK Publishing's "Get with the Programming, Computer Coding Kit". Check out our SCRATCH page for the activities!

Step 2: Power Crystal

For this project we precut 1/8" acrylic on the laser cutter here at the MakerSpace. Add a rainbow LED and a coin cell battery, slot them together and you have a POWER CRYSTAL!

Step 3: Stamped Metal

A pretty simple metal stamping project.

Step 4: Solar Bug

We've done a vibrating bug/bot project nearly every year since opening the MakerSpace. This instructable has more thorough instructions.

Step 5: Cardboard Circuit

Build a simple circuit with an LED, battery, brass fasteners, paperclips and an optional photo-resistor.

Step 6: Viking Boat

This was a popular project, kids loved getting to use power tools!

Step 7: Duct Tape Zipper Pouch

An easier version of a duct tape wallet.