Summer Night Salad

Introduction: Summer Night Salad

It's been a hot one today! Night has set in, slight breeze, fairly warm still. Hmm stomach is rumbling, time to check the fridge. I feel like something protein rich after my physical day. Alright, gonna grab that tempeh! Hmm, nah not bread. Too heavy. Lets just go all out healthy and do a protein rich salad. Perfect!

Okay you know what, this was not intended to even be a recipe on the blog yet it tasted soooo freaking good and well, you can guess the rest. This one was quick to make, not too many ingredients and only had to cook three things. I'd say it's a winner and I will be revisiting this delicious salad not just for dinner but also lunch from now on. The days are hot, treat yourself to something fresh and light to relax down in the night.

How many of you reading this right now love to run, feel that boost of energy to help you up those hills, the confidence you gain from reaching the top while your heart pounds and you are focused on controlling your breathing while your legs continue pumping! That immense sensation of bliss and adrenaline can only be fueled by the right food! Speaking about that, there is a great book out there called 'Thrive' which goes into extreme detail about net energy gain from your food intake. How much energy goes into the digestive process based on different foods. It is a real game changer among athletes!

Summer Night Salad

Actually in our ebook we go in depth on this matter also. It's not just recipes! Check it out here to find out more!

Well time to wind down for the night. As always, thanks for reading and we appreciate any comments or feedback you may have. Also let us know if you would like us to recreate something vegan in a comment either here or through our social media pages! Good night!

Step 1: Ingredients:

What you will need:

2 handfuls of Salax mix (We used the 4 leaf salad pack)
1 handful of grapes (any colour you wish)
1 handful of mushrooms
2 pickled gherkins (sliced long ways)
1 baby beetroot (sliced up)
1 sprinkle of sesame seeds
1 cup of diced tempeh
1 tsp of coconut oil

Step 2:

First up! Prepare the base layer using your 4 leaf salad mix or any leafy salad greens you have!

Step 3:

Woah!!! second up! You're doing so well you know.Okay, cut up the beetroot and the gherkins then spread them around evenly on your salad to be.

Step 4:

Okay, you're incredible, up to the best bits! Righto so what I did now is um. Ah that's right! I put the grapes on! Spread them around again yep. You can include this in step two if you want otherwise just stay with me and we will have this done before bed time, promise!

Step 5:

Toast up those cheeky little sesame seeds in a frying pan until they get oh oh here it comes "Golden BrOWN!!!" yess! First time I've ever said that on this blog! Usually Katie is the one writing the recipes. Yeh so toast them.

Step 6:

Put the cut up mushrooms and diced tempeh into a frying pan with that little teaspoon of coconut oil! Give em a good blast for around 5 minutes I reckon, just keep em moving. Make the mushrooms all delicious and the tempeh brown up gently.

Step 7:

Serve it up! Oh ho ho ho, you did it, so proud of us. We eat well don't we? Ah yeah well don't forget to let both Katie and I know how this worked out for you.

Step 8:

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