Introduction: Sun Visor From Water Bottle

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I made this comfortable and practical sun visor from an empty water bottle and scrap fabric from an old T shirt.

Super easy and effective!

Step 1: Cut Visor Shape From Water Bottle

I started by cutting down along the side of the bottle where the label is, as this label area will be thrown out. Then I cut off and discarded the bottom. Next, I roughly cut the visor shape from 2 sides including the corner. The corner provides a natural curve fitting over the nose and center of the face.

Step 2: Refine Shape of Visor, and Sew on to Stretchy Material "band"

Hold the visor in place and trim it to suit you. Make sure that the edge that will be next to your head is smooth.

Take a long piece of stretchy material about 2" X 36" for the band. I used the bottom of an old T shirt - the piece I cut happened to be hemmed since it was the bottom edge, but this is not necessary, as T shirt fabric does not fray. Sew the fabric along the edge of the visor that will go next to your head, using a large sharp needle and thread, or a sewing machine. I've made this both by hand and machine, and found that my sewing machine had no problem sewing the fabric to the plastic and is much faster. Attaching binder clips or other clips to hold it in place before sewing helps, but is not essential. I sewed about 1/4" away from the edge of the plastic. The plastic is now enclosed on both sides by the fabric band.

Step 3: Tie the Band Around the Back of Your Head and Enjoy Your Visor!

Tie the 2 ends of the T shirt band in a bow at the back of your head and you are ready to go!

The visor will conform to the shape of your head.

You now have a comfy visor - waterproof too!

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