Introduction: Sunburst Sangria

Makes 4 Servings... or just one serving depending on who you are.

Use molecular mixology to make this hot-corona-inspired, cold-infused white wine sangria. The end result is a delicious coronal flare of a cocktail billions of years in the making... or just 8 hours of marinating fruit... either one.

The Science

Alcohol is a strong solvent. Through slow cold infusion, it will extract soluble essences from almost any solid ingredient and, therefore, absorb all the flavors and aromas of your favorite fruits.

Step 1: Concoction Components (the Stuff)

  • 1 bottle of white wine (I used a $5 bottle of Barefoot Moscato, but you can also use a dry white)
  • 2-3 shots of green apple vodka (or apple/pear liquor)
  • 3 tbsp sugar
  • Assorted fruit (*used in this sangria)
    • Mango* (this fruit gives the drink its beautiful sunny color)
    • Green apple*
    • Strawberries*
    • Orange*
    • Lemon peel
    • Pineapple
    • Grapes
    • Watermelon
  • Optional: mint leaves (I bought the whole plant at Home Depot for $3 for future cocktail endeavors)

"Houston, We Have a Problem"

Ignore the cheese cloth and xanthan gum in the picture. I initially made an "anti-gravity sangria" where the fruit was in suspension. Cool, right? No. The jelly wine texture was something I wouldn't recommend to anyone in this galaxy.

Step 2: Aggregate All Components (Mix the Stuff)

  1. Dice fruit into 1/4th inch to 1/8th inch (~3-6mm) pieces and add to pitcher; big slices are fine but small diced fruit looks more like sun bursts, and they're easier to eat
  2. Add sugar, liquor, and white wine
  3. Stir, then chill in refrigerator for 8 hours to infuse the wine

Step 3: Mission Accomplished!

  1. Remove sangria from fridge
  2. Pour into glasses or lower giant straw into pitcher like the eagle has landed
  3. Top with fruit and mint leaves, if desired
  4. Few glasses of this and you'll be feelin' a "Buzz" ...Aldrin