Introduction: Super Altoids Stove

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     I got this idea from a different instructable, I modified it and gave it a stand

Step 1: Materials

you will need:
  -rubbing alcohol
  -Altoids tin
  -steel mesh
  -Sheet metal

Step 2: The "fiery" Part

First, stuff the Altoids tin with fiberglass, packing it somewhat.

Step 3: The Mesh

This step is optional, but I've found it work better when you do put in the mesh.
First what you do is cut out the mesh roughly to the shape of the tin, then trim it to fit perfectly. (well, not perfectly)
Now you just put it in the Altoids tin.

Step 4: The Stand

Measure two pieces of sheet metal from front to back, and one from side to side.
 Cut them out( I used sheet metal scissors, but a hack saw would work.)
Using the scissors( or saw) cut a line half way to the top of the sheet metal on the two smaller pieces.
Cut two lines in the bigger piece, about thirds.
Trim the corners to fit the tin.

Step 5:

Add the rubbing alcohol.
You are now good to go!