Introduction: Super Book Bag Holder!

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Great for Students book bags. It keeps them off the floor and no longer a trip hazard, especially during fire drills or code red! Most of all the kids have less distractions. I have 6,7,8th graders .. middle school students.


Wood drill bit
Drill bits (Phillips head)
Tapcon Phillip’s screws (if you have concrete walls like me.)
Tapcon drill bit
Another person helps! :)
You can substitute for drywall screws if you have drywall, but drill into a stud in the wall for grip. Book bags are heavy!

I’ll let you decide what size screws you want to use. I used 3in tapcons with. 5/16 th concrete drill bit.
I also used a 1/4” drill bit for the wood drilling. You can change these sizes if you have something else already.

Step 1: Buy 2x4’s

Purchase 2 2x4x8’s. From a big box store of your choice. Lowe’s, HomeDepot, some place like that, or if you have some already your already ahead of the game!

You need two if you have 30 plus students. If not you might need only one.

Step 2: Hooks

On the 2x4’s 1 1/2” side (because 2x4’s are actually 2 1/2 x 1 1/2) drill holes a couple of inches apart, 6-8”. This hole will be used to screw in the hooks. I used a special gator bit tool to screw in the hooks. But it can be done with a wing nut bit or by hand with a screw driver. Using the neck of the screwdriver to act as leverage to twist that hook.

Step 3: Install on Wall.

After all the hooks are installed. I did about 15 hooks on a 8ft 2x4. You can mount this on the wall. Here is were you can use drywall screws or tapcons depending on the type of wall construction.
I mounted them with another person. You can pre drill 3 holes into the 2x4’s. One on each end and one in the middle should be enough if in concrete. Maybe a few more if drilling into drywall. You should definitely hit a stud.

Step 4: Super Book Bag Holder Complete!

The 2x4’s are mounted to the wall and the hooks are installed in the 2x4’s hanging down and ready to receive book bags!
Safe, neat, and organized!
Enjoy your new book bag organizer!

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