Introduction: Bubble Solution

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This is a very easy instructable of how to make a super bubble solution:-
For this you would need the following items:-
#1 cup of water
#1/4 cup of baby bubblebath
#1/2 cup of warm vegetable substitute
#1/8 cup of glycerine
#A bit of corn syrup

You would get the following items easily
The vegetable substitute can be bought from any health-food shop


#MIX the following items and you are ready with your super bubble solution!!!!

This solution is much better than the bubble solution you buy ins shops and is very cost saving and is in more quantity
If you know any other item to add in this solution do comment !!:)

Step 1: Images

Step 2: How to Make the Bubble Blower

So now we will make the blower with which we will create the bubbles
For this you will need :-

Step 3: Procedure for Bubble Blower

#Take a straw and cut four slits at one end, each about 3 cm long.
#Then back the cut strips.

{Dip into the bubble solution take out and blow gently or make a frame out a flyer dipped it in your bubble mix then wave it through the air.}

Also try to make the other bubble blower shown in the below images which are very easy !!!:)

Step 4: Images of Bubble Blowers

Step 5:

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