Super Chunky Cardigan for Festivals

Introduction: Super Chunky Cardigan for Festivals

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My granddaughter asked me to make an oversized cardigan with big sleeves that she could wear when at festivals.I couldn't find a pattern so I worked this one out. The yarn she chose was acrylic and very heavy so, although it knits up very quickly it also results in a very heavy fabric.

Step 1: Needles

A set of 4 double sided needles size 10mm

40cm circular needle size 10mm

40cm single pointed needles size 10mm

Step 2: Yarn

15 x 100gm balls of Cygnet C800/203 Macow Acrylic Seriously Chunky.

On my first attempt, I used a softer yarn that required less yarn.

Step 3: Cast on and Rib Sleeves

These are worked in the round up to the armholes and then worked using single sided needles.

Cast on 30 stitches using double pointed needles with 10 stitches on each needles.

Work k1 p1 rib for 20 rows.

Step 4: Sleeve Increases, Pattern to the Armholes and Armhole Decreases

The stitches are increased over 3 rounds by making extra stitches at the bottom of the sleeve (at the beginning and end of each round).Do this by putting the yarn to the front before knitting a stitch (yf k1). The lace pattern is worked for the middle of the round by putting the yarn forward, slipping the next stitch onto the right hand needle knitting the next stitch then passing the slipped stitch over. (yf s1 k1 psso.) as follows.

1st round

(yf k1) 10 times (yfs1k1psso)10 times (yf k1) 10 times (50 stitches)

2nd round

(yf k1) 10 times (yf s1 k1 psso) to last 10 stitches (yf k1) 10 times (70 stitches)

3rd round

(yf k1) 4 times (yf s1 k1 psso) to last 4 stitches (yf k1) 4 times (78 stitches)

Working the sleeve

Continue as follows:

(yf s1 k1 psso )to the end of the round

:repeat this round 22 more times (or to desired length sleeve) ending 5 stitches before the point above the starting point of the rib.

Creating the armhole

Cast off 10 stitches and continue in patterned to the end of the round and turn

Next row

p2tog p to last 2 stitches p2tog

the pattern now forms 2 decrease rows as follows:

1st row

k2tog (yf s1 k1 psso) to last 2 stitches k2tog

2nd row

p2tog p to last 2 stitches p2tog.

continue decreasing until 30 stitches remain

next row

k2tog k1 (yf s1 k1psso k2tog)6 times yf yf s1 k2tog psso 9(22 stitches)

next row

p2tog (p2tog p)to last 2 stitches p2tog (14 stitches)

next row

k2tog k1 (k2tog) 5 times k1 (8 stitches)

next row

p2tog 4 times

next row

k2tog 2 times

next row

p2tog and pull end through

Step 5: Back and Fronts

The back and fronts are worked in stocking stitch starting with 2 rows reversed stocking stitch which forms the hem.These are worked on single sided needles.


Cast on 42 stitches

Work 1 row p

Work 1 row k

Continue in stocking stitch to 14" starting with a k row (42 rows)

Armhole decreases

decrease 1 stitch at each end of next and every following 4th row to 14 stitches

Cast off next row knitwise.

Left Front

Cast on 24 stitches

Work 1 row p

Work 1 row K

Continue in stocking stitch to 14" starting with a k row (42 rows)

Armhole decreases

Decrease 1 stitch at the beginning of next row and every following 4th row to 8 stitches

word 8 more rows and leave stitches on spare needle

Right Front

Work as for left front reversing armhole decreases

Step 6: Making Up

I used red mercerised cotton 4 ply which I make my summer socks with.

Join the fronts using kitchener stitch and then stitch the shoulder side of the fronts to the back making sure it matches exactly in the middle, then stitch in the arms and sides.

Form a hem on the bottom of the cardigan turning so that the last purl row lies at the bottom of the garment.

Tidy the front side seams by blanket stitching with the yarn.

Step 7: The Finished Garment

Here it is modelled by my granddaughter.

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    Question 3 years ago

    How do you knit I’m a beginner


    3 years ago

    I love it, your granddaughter is lucky :)


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks, she loves it! I'm now making a coin purse with the tiny amount of yarn left over.