Super Easy Robot

Introduction: Super Easy Robot

A super easy robot to make on your own under 4 MINUTES!


Pencil, A4 paper, ruler, tape/glue

Step 1: Blue Print!

A width of a 2in. And a length depends on how big you want your robot to be. And cut a 4in. * 1in. paper for the base.

Step 2: Tape It Up!

Divide your robot's body to four by folding, and tape it up. Cut two square similar to your robot's body's top and bottom. Use one now to firm the top.

Step 3: Base-ic

Cut your 4*1in. to 2* 1/2 in. by folding. And Tape the base up like that in the picture. Also, cut the base edges off to make it look better.

Step 4: Recycling! ^_^

Put Extra trash at the bottom of the robot to make it heavier.

Step 5: You're Done!!!!!!!!!

Add two-piece of the arm where you like. Then you are done!!!!!

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