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I started out with a 2x4x4 block off both red heart and sycamore! You can use whatever kind of wood you would like and either paint or stain the colors at the end. You will also need sand paper from 80 to 400 grit, painters tape, white and black spray paint as well as 00 and 000 steel wool.

Step 1: Making the Top

I started out by using my worm screw on my lathe to rounds over the red heart to a shape I felt was acurate. If I could go back and do it again I would have used a forstner bit before I ever put it on the lathe to make a 1 1/4 inch hole to mount it with my jaw chucks instead, but being my first time trying this I didn't think the part threw. It made the hollowing of the hole out a little difficult with the jaw chucks I have. Anyways once you get the shape you like I sanded from 80 grit to 400.

Step 2: Making the Stem

Once I got the hollowed out section of the top figured out I took the sycamore block and cut it down the middle to make two 2x2x4 pieces just in case of a mistake. Turn it down to the size of the hollowed section of the top ( in this case 1 1/4 inch) making sure of a snuck fit. After the fit is right I cut it in half again lengthwise at a 7° angle to give the overall mushroom that upward turn. Then sand from 80 grit to 400 on the lathe rounding the angled cut a little with the sand paper.

Step 3: Painting the Stem

I own a Cricut to make the stencils if you don't that fine you can still achieve this by printing and cut the eyes out with a hobby knife. Once I got the eyes where I wanted and they were level I taped the exposed wood. Then just used black spray paint.

Step 4: Painting the Top

I forgot pictures of setting up the stencils but it was four circles for the spots positioning them across from each other and then used white spray paint.

Step 5: Assembly and Finishing

After the all paint is dry I start the final assembly by put wood glue inside the recess of the top and putting the stem in positioning the eyes of the stem directly below one of the spot of the top. Once the glue is dry I used some spray lacquer. After that drys I used 00 steel wool and 000 to knock down high spots of the lacquer and polish it . And your done . Enjoy!!!!

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