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Hi i'm Cameron. In this instructable I will show you how to make a super handy organizer. It is perfect for organizing screwdriver bits.

Step 1: Make the Box

I can't type the measurements so could you look at the picture? Thanks!

Step 2: Cut Out the Slots

Measure or guess the height and width and length of the box. Cut out three rectangles of cardboard for the width and length and half the height of the box, then on both sets cut three evenly spaced slits.

Step 3: Fold the Box

Follow the images.

Step 4: Add a Latch

You must add a latch if you want it to stay shut. To add a latch, poke a hole in the front and on the bottom of the box. Now you can run a paper clip through both holes and there you go you have a latch!

Step 5: Put in the Rectangles

Put in the rectangles with slots in them (make sure they're lined up correctly;-).

Step 6: All Done!!!!!(-;(-:

you're all done! stuff it to the max, or just a little(-;

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