Introduction: Super Slime!

Slime is a big thing where I live, but it's just so expensive just for a little can of it. So we decided to make our own gloop from items around the house that will cost super cheap.

This gloop will last basically forever as long as you keep on giving it water and a little bit of shampoo whenever it starts running dry.

Step 1: Ingredients

These are the ingredients you will need:

500grams of cornstarch.

120grams of shampoo(any shampoo will work).

A bowl of warm water(not too hot and not too cold).


A tablespoon.

A spatula.

Wax paper.

Food colouring(any colour is fine).

An airtight container(you want a pretty big container as the recipe makes a lot of slime).

A mixing bowl

Step 2: Laying Down the Wax Paper and Choosing the Colour

Once you have collected all of your ingredients, you want to cut a big square out of your wax paper and lay it down on the table. Then simply tape it down. Now place your mixing bowl on your wax paper.

Firstly you need to pour a generous amount of food colouring into the bowl. Then you must pour all 120ml of shampoo into the bowl and stir it around.

Step 3: Adding the Cornstarch

After Mixing the shampoo and the food colouring you will need to add the cornstarch.

Start by pouring the cornstarch in little by little until all of it is in the bowl. It will be very dry after stirring but will get more gloopy in the next step.

Step 4: Adding Water and Mixing It Together

When you have done step three it is time to add the water.

You will have to pour it in little by little otherwise you could mess up the whole thing. As you pour, you will also have to stir the mixture. When all the starch is completely dissolved you must start kneading it. When you stop kneading it the mixture should run off your hands, but not to fast. If your mixture is pouring off nearly like water, add more cornstarch. But if your mixture is not or barely running off your hands/gloves, add more water.

Step 5: Storing It

For this final step, you will need an airtight container and your gloop you just made. simply pour the gloop out the bowl and it should pour right into the bowl very slowly.

Some things to remember:

Wash your hands before and after playing with the gloop.

Do not eat it!

When you are finished playing with it, put it back in the airtight container.

Enjoy playing with your gloop!

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