Introduction: Super-cute Double Bow

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This bow is awesome for everyday use or a little bling for an outfit! It's also really easy to crochet. All you need to know is how to single crochet in rows.

Step 1: And Now...the Bows

Crochet this bow with the ratio 5:1; that basically means for every 5 stitches you need one row. For the red bow I used the ratio 20:4 and for the white bow I used 5:1. This ratio means that you could do 500 stitches and 100 rows if you want to!

Sewing/ Assembly:

After crocheting with the ratio, sew short sides together. Then, wrap yarn around the middle bow really tightly for about 10 times. Tie the yarn ends together, and then.....YOUR BOW IS OFFICIALLY FINISHED!!!!

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