Super Plate Targeter

Introduction: Super Plate Targeter

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It's a very nice game and it will improve your accuracy too.After thinking a lot I made this game.Accuracy is the most important thing in this game . I used 3 plate in here and you have to hit a certain plate with the ball to score point and other plates will reduce your points. Many people can play it together and at last who will score more point will win the game.Please vote me if You like this game.

Step 1: Making the Machine to Play the Game

Things that I needed:

1. 3 plates that can conduct electricity



4.old carrom board or Card board paper

5.1 white led and 1 multicolour led


1. At first I attached the plates to my old carrom board

2 .Then I targeted 1 plate that will be the main plate and everyone will target it to get point and other plate will be called 'false plate' and that will reduce point

3.3.I connected the multicolour led with the

main and the targeting plate and I connected the white led with the false plates like the picture.

4. Then I made the ball with a metal so that it can conduct electricity and connected the ball to the positive side of the battery

Now this machine is ready. When the ball hits the main plate the multi colour light will light up and if the ball will hit one of the false plate then white led will light up.See the circuit above to get clear about the machine

Step 2: How It Works

When the ball touches any plate then electricity flow through the led and the led which is connected to the plate lights up.

Step 3: How to Play/Rules of the Game

Rules: 1.You have to maintain a certain distance(56-60 inches) from the board when you hit the ball

2.When the ball hits the main/target plate and go out of the plate then the player will get 1 point

3.If the ball hits the main/target plate and adhere to the plate or stay on the plate then the player will get 2 points

4.No matter where the ball will go after hitting the false plate the player will get -2 point

5.If the ball directly go out of the board without touching the board then the player will get -2 point

6.If the ball touches the board and then go out of the board then the player will get -1 point

7.If the ball touches the board and remains on the board then the player will not get any points but

his point won't be reduced either

You can comment if you don't understand anything.I am always ready to reply your comments.

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