Introduction: Superhero Utility Belt

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Immerse yourself in Superhero style! A utility belt is a belt designed to have multiple practical uses and in superhero fiction often contain both crime fighting tools and weapons.


Colorful or Printed Duct Tape

Electrical Tape

Hole punch or something to poke holes through

Metal D rings

Key rings

Measuring Tape

Step 1: Choose Your Duct Tape

Choose your duct tape.

Step 2: Measure Your Waist.

Measure your waist to see how much tape you will need.

Step 3: Cut Your Tape

Once you have the measurement, add on 2-3 inches and cut out that length of duct tape and electrical tape.

Step 4: Begin Constructing the Belt

Place the duct tape face down (sticky side up) carefully. Place the electrical tape sticky side down on the duct tape in the middle. Be careful as you line it up.

Step 5: Fold the Edges

Fold over the edges of the duct tape over the top of the electrical tape.

Step 6: Add the Metal Rings

Add two metal rings to the end of the belt and fold over the end of the duct tape.

Step 7: Secure the Rings

Add extra duct tape to make sure it won’t come loose.

Step 8: Test Your Belt

Tape the other end closed. Test out the belt

Step 9: Optional: Add the Holes

Puncture holes in the belt and carefully add key rings for hanging things. Try to not rip the tape. Now you can add accessories to the belt like pockets and gadgets!