Superman Keyring

Introduction: Superman Keyring

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I made this keyring for my eight year old cousin.It was alot of fun to make and improved my skills.

warning! the superman logo is a registered trademark of DC so can not be sold without licensing



-rotary tool/drill

-xacto knife



-Heavy book (optional)

-super man template


Step 1: Getting a Suitable Template

I found my template here and traced it off my laptop screen but you could print it out

Step 2: Attach the Template to the Wood

For this step I used a gluestick and a heavy heavy book. I put a thick layer of glue on the the template and placed it on the wood removing bubbles as I went i then put the book on to stop the paper from peeling up.

Step 3: Remove the Majority of the Waste

Using a rotary tool or drill, drill out as much of the waste as possible. A trick to not having the drill bit wobble around is using a nail or centre punch make an indentation where you want to drill. I used a 1.2mm drill bit.

Step 4: Removing the Rest of the Waste From the Logo

This step took longer than I thought it would but it was well and truly worth it. For this step I used a round course carving bit and a xacto knife the small holes were the hardest so I only used the xacto knife in them.

Step 5: Cut Out the Logo

Using a coping saw cut out the logo leaving 1/8 of an inch excess.

Step 6: Sanding

Sand down to the line. I started at 120 going up to 400 grit. i then glued a piece of sandpaper to a nail and sanded the inside of the holes.

Step 7: Attaching the Keyring

I threaded three pieces of brown embroidery string into the top hole, threaded on a black bead, braided the string and tied it onto the keyring

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