Surface Mount Touchscreen for Under £60!




Introduction: Surface Mount Touchscreen for Under £60!

So after using my new table/desk for a couple of weeks I decided what I needed next was a touchscreen of a decent size to make certain tasks on the computer a bit easier (and because it would look cool!).

I managed to find a 19" elo touchscreen for £50 on eBay! Absolute bargain considering they're about £400 new!

The only tools I used were -

My trusty wood saw
Electric screwdriver
Steel rule, pencil, sharpie and set square
Angle grinder for cutting out the mounting brackets
Electric drill
Sanding block (made from an offcut from the table)
Stanley knife
Bench vise and big hammer for bending the brackets

Step 1: Add Struts to Mount Monitor To/add Strength and Cut Away Anything in the Way

First job was to remove the mdf work surface and add two struts to the timber frame to mount the monitor to/support the work surface. I then cut away the original strut as it was in the way. At the front of the struts I cut the corners off to match the existing frame and then use these pieces to strengthen the piece that I left in ?

As a note, I left the little piece in at the back for two reasons. The first was so that it could continue to provide a little support to the work surface. The second was that it was screwed in from behind and I didn't want to have to pull the table out to remove the screws ?

Step 2: Cut a Hole Out of the Work Surface

Pretty self explanatory step - have a good measure up then mark and cut the hole for the screen. I fixed the pieces back down one at a time and cut them in situ. Remember though - measure twice, cut once. I ended up having to adjust my measurements as I hadn't realised the support struts weren't an equal distance away from the centre line ?

Step 3: Fabricate/buy Some Cheap Brackets Then Mount the Screen

I just knocked up some quick brackets out of 1mm mild steel then drilled some holes for the screen mounts/fixing screws.

To ensure the whole thing sat nice and level I marked a line along the support struts at the height I wanted the mounting screws to end up at then fixed the brackets in place temporarily and transferred the line onto the brackets. I then marked the centres for the mounting screws and drilled them out.

When measuring for the height of the monitor I added on 3mm to let it sit 3mm below level. You'll see why in the next step ?

Step 4: Make a Nice Trim Panel to Hide the Edges of the Monitor

Originally I had wanted to router out the underside of the mdf for a perfect fit but I haven't got a router so decided to make a trim panel out of 3mm hard board (hence the reason for mounting the monitor 3mm below flush). For this I did the outside cuts with the handsaw, the inside cuts with a Stanley knife and the radiuses on the inside corners with a 10mm drill bit. After cutting it out I tidied up all the edges with a sanding block. Just remember to take plenty of measurements and take your time for a nice fit.

Step 5: Screen Protector

As the screen is mounted in the main work surface and is susceptible to damage I decided to make a screen protector out of the offcut from the trim piece and a piece of cork gasket. I just cut the corners off to aid with removal then sanded it all up and bonded the cork to the underside with wood glue. When fitted it sits pretty much flush with the rest of the work surface.

Even with the screen protector on, it doesn't eliminate any of the weight resting on the screen so I won't be storing anything heavy on top of it.

Step 6: Voila!!

Nothing left to do now other than admire your handy work!! Oh and send everyone you know some pictures and invite your mother/your neighbours in to show them too ?

Hope you've enjoyed reading this instructable, happy building!

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    4 years ago

    Looks good, I was wanting to do a desk like the ones in Tron where the whole top is interactive that would be cool but, a screen that big costs a lot.


    4 years ago

    Really clever!


    4 years ago

    Thanks! Get it done ;)


    4 years ago

    Nice! I never really thought about doing anything like that. looks like a project I'd attempt in the future!