Introduction: Surprising Tips to Lose Weight - Effective & Healthy Weight Losing

In our daily routine , we eat some foods from which we are unaware ..can be healthier than you think..!

Actually , After my Healthy Diet & Nutrition Course ,i got more informed that what we eat today & there are several reasons which cause of our heavy weight from which we should know or aware & some misconceptions about weight loss and what is considered a healthy path to lose weight. So ,this is the reason ,I decided to write this post containing some myths of weight losing as well as some tips to lose weight loving your body !

This is one of Proper Guide & Road map consisted on best Tips&Tricks

Step 1: TIPS :

1.Don’t Bear Hunger or Starvation :

Always people try to skip some meals & assume that skipping meals will help them lose weight, but it's been shown eat well & not bear starvation during the day helps to burn calories fastly. It also helps us & make us able to avoid fatty foods.

  • Also Chew your meal slowly:Now, it’s time to slow your speed of eating food.When you eat fast you can eat Study has shown people who eat slowly can consume fewer calories than those who eat fast.
  • some fats help in burning fats: Wow , it’s amazing some fats help in burning fats. One study proves , some fatty acids in avocados , olive oil and nuts are powerful reducers of belly fat. They are also burn speedily than saturated fats in the body.Also try to take food that feel you full for hours like some peanut butter on whole wheat cookies.

2.Avoid calories in liquid form:
Some liquids like drinking a caffe, when need, won't make you feel not to eat a bowl of boiled rice or macaroni will. The purpose of telling is that caffe has a large number of calories than the bowl of pasta but it does not feel you that you are full.So need to control or monitor your regular such kinds of liquids as of juice, soda, coffee drinks and wine. By not limiting this , You can take at least 800 extra calories and you'll still be hungry.

3.Try to eat simple Natural Foods not convert them in another form : You should know that when we eat Natural food in its original form not only cause of low weight but also feels us fresh..such as green vegetables,rice or other grains.But when we try to change them , as frying or adding other spices so , it can cause of harmful for human body one of which can be obesity.

4.Indulge or busy yourself in some Activity: Try to remain busy in some activity if you have free times. Stop to think about eating every time.Find an activity you enjoy and are able to fit into your routine.You can think better what suits you. :)

5.No Need to Spend More time on Exercise or Workouts: Daily ,Try to exercise 20 minutes.If your are following a proper diet plan , but not following any exercise or walk or workouts, so now try to follow some easy steps slowly.There is no need to Exercises for long hours, because you can feel tiredness & will not be able to do other important tasks or activities of your daily routine.

6.Not quit All sugar From your life - Some are important for your body: Some sugary items are important for human you can swap some of your sugar with other substitute as honey. It has also proved great for reducing weight gain and fatness. It’s a good nutritious & controls blood sugar, is a great cough suppressant, and it boosts immunity.

7.Some Massage & Spa Treatments Monthly Actually Help You Lose Weight: Massage & spa simply tights or shapes your skin like body tissue or muscles, which can result in a number of beneficial ways, such as releasing stress, reducing weight , relaxing injured tissue, increasing flexibility and even stimulating. In which , some are common known as Cool Sculpting , Slimming Body Wrap.But in all these treatments you need to hire good therapists & Consulting to physician.

8.Sleeping is one of good solution of burning fat: Yup, it is fact, that lack of sleep can increase the stimulus to take more food and increases appetite hormones.A study says , that sleeping is one of big factor in Burning calories,weight loss.

9.Double your intake of water than you take every day: Increasing the Amount of water in your routine does not harm your body but cause to burn your fat & has lots of benefits. Sometimes people not understand either they are thirsty or hungry.Try to add drinking about six to eight glasses per day.

I am sure by following these tips the weight will stay off.
Let see what are our weight losing Myths in next step :

Step 2: What Are Myths :

Starvation & Daily exercise will Lose your Weight: You should know if you are bearing hunger or starvation you’re NOT actually losing weight. you often eat less or exercise more to prevent gaining weight. This is your wrong concept because it is true that this process was a useful physiological response back in the day, but does more harm than good in the modern food environment which can results in form of obesity.

Instead of other Foods we should Use snacks to eat : We want to take snacks as alternative of foods that finish our hunger.Sometimes , your extensive snacking can more harm than you know.Research also has shown that Extreme Snacking Is a Major Cause of Obesity.

Quickly skip Fast Food:

It is true that some kinds of junk food like double cheeseburgers, fries, sodas, and apple pies are out, but Magee says you don't have to skip fast food all together to stay on your diet. Because our issue is with sodium content is much higher than we think in some fast foods.But magee is free from that & you can take it with many other options like salad etc.

Skipping carb diets: This is also one of people myth.The body uses carbs as it is powerful during exercise to burn body fat, another great cause to keep the bread basket on the menu.