Introduction: Survival DrawString Bag

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Then Let's Started making this Survival DrawString Bag!

Step 1: The Materials Needed!

In order to make a DrawString Bag you need Materials, That are provided in the following,

The materials needed are the following!:

Any piece of clothing available!

Sewing Kit


Paracord (A lot of it!)

Flat bag strap

Side Release Buckle

Plastic Slider

Plastic Loop

String stopper

and a whole a lot of Patience...

Now let's get started!

Step 2: DrawString Bag Part!

Now get the piece of clothing that you want to make as a bag!

Now lay your clothing in a flat surface and trace the diagram above and make 2 pcs. of it.

Now use your sewing kit to sew this bag's sides and bottom. Do not sew the top part.

on one side leave a little space below the top for the string to be attach.

Now let's continue on!

Step 3: Tie It All Up!

With your paracord, lay it over the top, fold the top of the cloth like shown and sew it all up!.

Now you're finish with the drawstring part, But we're not gonna stop here!, there's more to come!

Now let's continue on!

Step 4: Let's Strap It On...

Now let's strap this thing on!

Follow the diagram above and cut the flat strap.

Now with the 25.5" strap sew it on top, starting from the 1/3 side of the top like shown, and place a side release buckle in the end.

with the 14" strap sew it on the bottom of the bag as shown and place a loop in the end

Step 5: Now for the Intricate Part.

Below the side release buckle there is some intricate placing of the strap,

so I'll teach you every step along the way.

Here's what you need to do!:

With the 20" strap, first step you need to sew it on the middle of the side release buckle

now insert the slider in the strap and into the loop,

now second step to do is insert the strap on the last loop of the buckle

Third step is to insert the strap into the first loop of the buckle and sew it on to that slider from step one

do not worry about how how intricate it looks, I've provided you with a picture of the buckle and it's steps to do.

Step 6: Let the Accessories Begin!

With the last remaining strap, the 8.5" place it on the top strap and sew its top first then leave some spaces,

like shown to make hook slots or simply slots for everything you can hook on it.

place and sew another strap in the space of the hook slots to make another hook slots, like shown.

and on the bottom of the hook slots, tie a lengthy paracord on it using cobra weave to make it discrete.

don't worry about how to weave it there's a picture above on how to weave it.

Step 7: Now Your Strap Is Complete!

Now you're done with the bag strap,

Lets continue on

Step 8: Good News for You!

and now I humbly say, you're done with the actual drawstring bag itself!.
How great it that!

Now go out there into the wild and show the nature how prepared you are!.

Ohh!, and make sure to bring all the necessities needed for the actual surviving

Have a Great Day Outdoors!

See ya Out there!

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