Introduction: Survival Snare Trap

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My quick & easy Snare make it at home or when you need it as everything you need should be in your survival tin!

You will need:

Nylon Coated Stainless Steel wire I am using Grade A Silver Tiger Tail Beading Wire 0.35mm

Candle A small tea light is perfect (do not forget somthing to light it with!)

Cutters I am at home so using hobby cutters, but just anything to cut it!!

£1 Coin is for scale & to show the value of this survival tool the wire is sold in 10 meter spools, you get 2 spools for 99p! UK EBay Wire

OK ready to go? you will need to cut a length of wire ready to go, I am making mine from 6 feet approximately

Step 1: Loops

See the photos for further guidance I have added notes to them

LOOP ONE: this is the noose end so has a smaller loop

  1. Take one end of the 6 foot piece wire, wrap it around one finger, photos shows 2 this if for the 2nd loop same technique.
  2. Wrap the wire over & under, pulling it through itself, then pull tight to your finger with 2 inches of wire sticking up.
  3. Take the 2" of wire & wrap it tight around itself, 8-10 times pressing it tightly in place
  4. Cut any loose end off

LOOP TWO: This is the securing end & has a bigger loop

  1. Take the loose end of wire & feed it through loop 1, this will make the noose
  2. Now follow steps 1-4 above making this loop with 2 fingers

Step 2: Nylon Coated!!!

You probably guessed this bit when you saw Nylon Coated & candle, this is a lot more tricky then it looks, I am still setting fire to it!!

Run the section of wire you wound tightly to form the loops close to the candle, the objective is to do it slow and even & melt the coating so it bonds the wire together.

After it is cooled you could finish the twisted areas with some gorilla tape, wipe it down with a damp cloth & let it dry first.

Step 3: Testing 123...

I have tested it as best I can without going into the wild, in the photo the trap is snared to a 1 liter bottle of water, approx 2 lbs, I dragged it, ragged it & strung it up. I have all so done this with 2 liters & 3 liters all so it was pretty good but began to strain, I could lift 5 liters (11 lbs approx) with it but it broke very quickly!

Considering you will be looking at small fowl, rats, rabbits & squirrel, the break point strength of this snare should be ample.

Step 4: Securing & Para Cord

Para cord, we love the stuff particle 7 strand 550 proper para cord! The larger loop we made can be used to secure the trap to a ground peg or a small tree by passing the the noose through the 2nd loop.

What if there are only Big trees, or no tree near to where you want to trap? there might be a rock or a tree nearby maybe several feet or more away, you can use para cord to extend the trap, this is why Para cord is in my bag & more in my survival tin!

The best way so far i found that works like a treat is a knot called the Sheet Bend & a instructable by janinerogers, really easy to learn with these instructions.

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