Introduction: Sushi Cupcake Toppers

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These little sushi pieces are made from fondant and are perfect for topping cupcakes with. You could also line a large sheet cake with them to look like a nice big sushi platter. If you can make fun shapes with Play Doh, you can totally make these! Just follow along with some of my ideas below, or make any of your own favourite types of sushi. It's a great way to boost your party table presentation!


  • Fondant (white, black, red, yellow, green)
  • rolling pin
  • plastic wrap
  • small sharp knife
  • large sharp knife
  • toothpick

Step 1: Make Rice Grains

Now this may sound tedious, but it's not so bad. You won't need to make many at all, it's just for sprinkling atop some of the sushi rolls with exposed rice.

Take a small chunk of white fondant and knead it in your hands so it hardens up a bit. Now take tiny bits and roll into little balls. Set aside.

Step 2: Make Nori

Nori (aka seaweed sheets) are easily made by flattening black fondant.

Knead some black fondant in your hands, then roll it flat with a rolling pin to about 1/8" thickness. You want it thin but you don't want it to fall apart. To keep it from drying out, place a piece of plastic wrap over it until you're ready to use it.

Step 3: Salmon Nigiri

To make a nice piece of raw salmon, mix a little bit of red fondant with yellow fondant. Keep twisting and kneading it until it's a solid peachy orange colour.

Now add a small bit of white fondant and twist until it looks marbled. This will be the salmon's fatty bits.

To make the rice for under the salmon, take a small ball of white fondant and make a rectangle. Round out the edges and use a knife to make indentations on it.

Cut the salmon so it's about the same size as the rice ball.

Place the salmon on the rice, then use your small knife to add little indentations on the salmon.

Step 4: Egg Sushi

Egg sushi is pretty easy! Make another rounded/indented rectangle of rice, then make a rectangle from yellow fondant to look like egg. Make sure the egg layer looks crinkly, just like a square of scrambled egg would. Smoothness not necessary here!

Cut a strip from the rolled out black fondant and wrap it around both segments as your nori wrapper.

Step 5: California Roll

Roll out a piece of fondant into a ball, then press down into a disc... Kind of like a Babybel Cheese! Add a couple small pieces of your coloured fondants on top.

Cut a strip from the rolled out black fondant a little bigger than the height of the white rice round, then wrap it around. Pinch the end closed so you don't see the seam.

Take some of the white rice grains you made earlier and drop on top around the coloured bits.

Step 6: Salmon Roe Sushi

Roll out a rectangle of rice with the white fondant, then wrap with a long strip of the black rolled out fondant for the nori. Pinch the ends closed and smooth out the seam.

Make a bit of reddish peach fondant by mixing together red and a bit of yellow. Roll little bits into small balls. Don't over roll because you want these to stay a bit sticky so you can stack them.

Place a mound of the balls onto the rice.

Step 7: Cucumber Maki

Mix a bit or green fondant with some white fondant to make a light green shade. This will be your cucumber.

Roll a cylinder of white fondant for rice, then wrap in some of the nori (a little higher than the rice). Place a small square of the light green fondant on top.

Use your toothpick to poke holes into the cucumber to make seeds.

Pour some of the white rice grains on top to fill in the space.

Step 8: Shrimp Nigiri

To make a piece of shrimp, take some of the peach fondant and twist in some white for marbleization.

Shape into a shrimp shape, tapering off the tail ends so they're quite thin.

Use your knife to add a spinal indentation, then perpendicular lines across its back.

Roll a piece of white fondant into a rounded rectangle about the same size of the shrimp body. Add some indentations to it.

Place the shrimp on top of the rice, allowing the tail to hang over the edge.

Step 9: Top Your Cupcakes

Place one piece of sushi on top of each cupcake. You're ready to party!

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