Introduction: Suzuki TL1000S External Fuel Filter Mod.

Instructions on how to modify the fuel line on a Suzuki TL1000S (1997) to have a fuel filter in the fuel line between the pump hanger and the fuel rail connector.

While it is possible to use the OEM fuel line by cutting it, it is safer to buy new quick connect ends, new 5/16" fuel line, and construct a new fuel line with the filter in it.

Step 1: Parts and Tools Required.

4 small worm drive hose clamps.

~1 foot 5/16" inside diameter fuel line. Make sure this is fuel line, and not vacuum line or other rubber hose. It must be fuel safe.

1 of; Dorman 800-080 Fuel Line Quick Connector for 5/16 In. Steel to 5/16 In. Nylon Tubing, Pack of 2.

1 of; Dorman 800-081 Fuel Line Quick Connector for 5/16 In. Steel to 5/16 In. Nylon Tubing, Pack of 2.

1 WIX 33012 or Fram G2S or DuraLast FF3401DL fuel filter.

Shop shears, or strong scissors.

Screw driver regular flat head.

Step 2: Make the Line.

Disconnect the old fuel line from the bike. You will have to have the tank up to do this. There are allen bolts securing it, and 10mm bolts securing the bracket for the steering dampner that must be removed to raise the tank.

The idea is to make the new line the same length as the old one, so you're going to connect the straight fuel line connector to the fuel rail, and gauge how much fuel line you'll need so the filter sits in the open space near the idle screw adjustment stop. Cut an appropriate amount of fuel line.

Remove the straight fuel line quick connect from the bike, and assemble it to your fuel filter making sure the arrow on the filter points towards the straight connector. Use two of the worm gear hose clamps to secure the line to the quick connect and to the filter.

Use the same process to make the rest of the line so the angled quick connect ends up at the same place as the stock fuel line.

Step 3: Reassemble the Bike.

Make sure the new line fittings are snug, and the hose clamps are tight. Put the tank back on the bike, and make sure the line connects easily and is not too long or to short.

You may have to loosen the hose clamp to the 90 degree quick connect and turn it so it fits properly.

If the line is too long, don't be afraid of taking it apart and making the section attached to the 90 degree quick connect shorter.

If the line is too short, remake the 2nd section to an appropriate length. If you purchased 1 foot of line you should have enough to work with for at least one mistake.

Step 4: Test the Fuel Line.

Once the bike is reassembled, put some gas in it, and turn the key to on. The pump should prime. If the fuel line is going to leak, it will leak now.

Make sure there are no leaks.

If there are leaks, be careful, and track down where the leak is coming from. Check your connections, and fix any problems.