Introduction: Swapping Rotation of Electric Screwdriver

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I have replace my old NiCd electric screwdriver with cheap Li-Ion one ($12.50).
But my new electric screwdriver has big problem at least for me.
When I push at top of the switch it unscrews but I used to screw when I push top...

This instructable for swap the screwdriver rotation. Screw for top, unscrew for down.
Remember, this instructable will VOID YOUR WARRANTY.
You need soldering iron for make this project.

Here some shots from cheap Chinese e-screwdriver.

Step 1: Unscrew the Electric Screwdriver

First, we need unscrews the e-screwdriver.
Pay attention to hidden screw under label.

Step 2: Inspection of Device Internals

We need to swap motor cable connection solder points on circuit and switch cap.

I notice Li-Ion battery is only 850 mAh.
If you need longer runs, you can order 2500 mAh version for ~ $3,5.

Step 3: Swaping Connections

While heating soldering iron, bend nails and rotate cap of switch.

Than unsolder & resolder swapped motor connection cables.

Try if device works as needed before closing device.

Step 4: Close Device.

After fasten all screws, device become operational and works as intended.