Sweater Upcycle

Introduction: Sweater Upcycle

Sweater Upcycle


Sewing Machine,Straight Pins,1 m Ruler, Seam Ripper, Chalk, Sweaters and Zips.

Step 1:

Slit open side seam of sweater, where zip must go.

Step 2:

Place zip to side opening and measure to size.

Step 3:

Cut zip to size and sew stitches across teeth of zip so that the runner does not slip off.

Step 4:

Close side seam with many pins to keep material from stretching and sew close side seam with a bigger stitch length, for the seam to be easily slit open once the zip is sewed in place.

Step 5:

Place zip in position, the bottom of the zip placed at the top of the side seam, for the zip will be opened from bottom to top. double side is an option to do this. Remember to place teeth of zip on the sewed side seam.

Step 6:

Sew zip in place on one side, with zipper foot on Machine.

Step 7:

Place zip in position with pins and sew zip in place on other side.

Step 8:

Hand sew zip bottom in place with a few stitches, and sew zip end under side hem, to secure zip runner on zip teeth.

Step 9:

Seam rip large stitches of seam to expose zip teeth, and press seams with damp cloth flat and in position. Side seam zip can be unzipped on not so cold days and can be closed on colder days.

Step 10:

Draw line on next sweater where zip must be placed.

Step 11:

Cut sweater open on line and fold and iron in seams where sweater is cut.

Step 12:

Sew zip in place on the side, with zip still close and runner of zip extends beyond sweate top. It is much easier to sew a zip in this way.

Step 13:

Pin zip in position on the next side and sew zip in place.

Step 14:

Open Zip and cut access zip but leave enough extra zip to fold in a hem and sew it down . this will also ensure that the runner stays on zip teeth.

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