Sweet Appe Recipe

Introduction: Sweet Appe Recipe

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Sweet Paniyarams are very healthy snack which can be prepared in minutes. These are super delicious and are soft and spongy from inside. Easy to cook appe.

Wheat Flour – 1 cup Sugar – ½ cup Grated/ sliced coconut – 1 tsp Crushed dry fruits – 2 tsp Crushed fennel seeds powder – 1 tsp Blueberry/ Raisins – 1 tsp (optional) Cooking soda – a pinch Oil – 2 tsp

Step 1: Steps

Mix all the ingredients well to form a smooth batter using water. Heat appe pan. Put little oil in each appe pan section. Pour the batter in each section and cover the pan. Cook for 2 min and flip over the appe and cook for another 1 min till brown. Sweet appe might me sticky from inside. Let these cool down for some time and the appe would be fine. Serve appe at normal temperature.

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