Introduction: Sweet and Simple Crockpot Ribs

I do like ribs, but I have never been a fan of cooking them. That is until I found this great and simple recipe that combines the great food of cooked barbeque ribs with the ease of crock pot cooking. With only 3 ingredients and a little patience you can have these wonderful sweet crockpot ribs.

Step 1: Ingredients

Here are the ingredients

Ribs - whatever ribs you want to use.

16 oz of Coca Cola

Barbeque sauce

(optional - salt and pepper)

Step 2: Add Meat and Coke Into Crockpot

This is simple enough. Add the meat into the crockpot then poor 16 oz of coke int the pot. This is the time where you can also add salt and pepper to taste. Just of pinch of each one can be sprinkled on the meat to add a little bit of extra flavor.

Step 3: Cook

Now here is where the waiting game starts.

Set the crockpot to low and let it cook for 8 hours. I got the meat cooking before work and by the time I got home the meat was done.

Step 4: Drain Liquid and Add Barbeque Sauce

After 8 hours open the pot and drain out the excess liquid.

Once all the liquid is drained it is time to add the barbeque sauce. Please add as much or as little as you want. I added about a third of the bottle and that is enough for me. Others may want more.

Step 5: Cook a Little More

Its not done yet! after you put the barbeque sauce on the ribs put the lid back on the crockpot and set to high.

Let the meat cook on high for 1 hour.

After the second cooking it is ready to eat.

Enjoy your sweet ribs with friends or family. Or you can keep them all for yourself.

Step 6:

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