Introduction: Swing

Test - fase : I made a simple concept of what my swing would look like and tested it for strenght and endurance.

Step 1: Swing Step 2

I cut the right diameters out of a 500 by 1500 mm Vuren wood panel.

Step 2: Swing : Step 3

Then I stick the different diameters on each other and fixed it with a threaded rod and fixed it in the lathe. I made sure that the whole swing was balanced. And made some edge blends for a smouth design and makes it easier to wind up the rope.

Step 3: Swing : Step 4

When I was done with the milling a but adhesive on the panels and stick them all together. than I drilled 4 holes in the bodem panel so the swing can be worn like a backpack.

Step 4: Swing : Step 5

Then I painted the whole swing and put the rope on it.

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