Swing to Go

Introduction: Swing to Go

Hai everybody

today I publish the instruction to make your own swing. You can take this swing everywhere you go. The swing is not difficult to make.

Step 1: What Do We Need for the Swing

Rope: 20 meter

2 tennis balls

2 wooden beam: 45 cm length, 3 cm height, 3.5 cm width

13 loops: 10 cm length, 3 cm width

13 screws

2 peaces of textile: 45 cm length, 38 cm height

2 bolts en 2 nuts

4 ribbons: 38 cm length, 2 cm width

  • 8 shelves: 3,5 cm breed
    • 2 shelves:
      • 44 cm top
      • 42 cm bottom
    • 2 shelves:
      • 41 cm top
      • 37 cm bottom
    • 2 shelves:
      • 35 cm top
      • 28 cm bottom
    • 2 shelves:
      • 24 cm top
      • a bow to link the length of the top

2 pieces of flat rope: 30 cm length, 2 cm width

Step 2: The Rope

Take 1 tennisball and drill 2 holls with drill bit 10. Than you put the rope in one of the holls and pul it to the other hole. Make a loop or 2 on the top and under the ball.

Step 3: The Wooden Beams

Take a wooden beam with a height of 3 cm and a widht of 3,5 cm. You saw the wooden beam into 2 peaces. The peaces have a length of 45 cm.

On the end of the beam you drill a hole of 10. That hole is in the side of the 3,5 cm. At the other side we make a slot with a with of then. Just the sime size like the hole. In the slot we make a hole of 5 and we pul in a bolt and a nut.

Do this with the 2 beams of wood.

Step 4: The Bag

Take 2 pieces of textile with a length of 45 cm and a height of 38 cm. Take 1 piece and stitch 13 loops on it. The loops have a length of 10 cm. You take on each end of the loops 1 cm to stitch it at the inside the other 8 cm are on the outside of the bag. On the length you stitch 3 loops. And on each height you stitch 5 loops. At the end you stitch the 2 pieces of textile on each other. But let 1 side of the bag open. The side where are no loops on. When that is done you can stitch on the open side 4 ribbons.

On the open side of the bag you stitch 4 ribbons. 2 On the uper side and 2 on the lowerside.

When that is done you can attacht the wooden beams on the bag. You put one beam on the left side of the bag. And one on the right side of the bag.

When this is done you can put the rope through the wooden beams and the bag.

First you put the rope through the left loops at the end you put the rope through the hole in the beam. Then you do the loops on the top. Put than the rope through the hole of the right beam and than through the right loops.

Now you conect the 2 ends of the rop to each other with a knot.

Step 5: The Seat

Now we gonna make the seat of the swing. You need 8 shelves.

  • We need 2 shelves. On length of the uper side is 44,1 cm. And the length of the lower side is 42,1 cm.
  • We need 2 shelves with a top of 41,1 cm and a bottom of 36,9 cm.
  • We need 2 shelves with a top of 35,4 cm and a bottom of 27,6 cm.
  • We need 2 shelves with a top of 24,3 cm. On the bottom we make a bow to link the length of the top.

Now we take 2 pieces of flat rope. The rope have a length of 30 cm.

You lay the shelves on a table. You start with the 1 smal shelf and you go to the largest and then you go again to the smalles one.

Than you staple the 2 pieces of flat rope on the shalves.

Step 6: How to Hang Up the Swing

First we throw the tennisball above a branch. Than you unlock the bolt and the nuts. In the slot you stab the rope. When the rope is in the slot you close the slot with the bolt and the nut. You do this with the both pieces of rope. Under the wooden beam you make a knot. The knot occurs that the rope move up the slot. The knot specified the height of the swing.

Step 7: Hang Up and Swing

When the swing hangs you put the seat in the bag. When the seat is in the bag you close the bag with the 4 ribbons.

And now you can swing where you want.

Have fun!!!!!!!

This is a movie of a to hang up the swing.

Step 8: Put the Swing Away

When you are ready with the swing you can roll up the whole swing. Just roll up the seat and lay it on the bag.

Than roll the bag up with the side inside it. When that is don you kan roll the rope around the bag. You can put the whole swing in to you bag.

This is a movie of my swing.

You can also read my blog (just translate it in english if possible)



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